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For Sale Gallery updated!

It finally happened. I’m completely out of room! It seems like every flat surface in my house has gas pump globes sitting on it. Five more globes are due to arrive soon. I’ve been selling some globes and lenses to free up some space. I’ve sold some globes and lenses that I didn’t think I’d ever part with. They’ve been selling quickly. Some globes that I thought might sell quickly, haven’t sold. One of them is a one piece Gulf globe. DSCN1525
It’s got a little wear and a base chip that’s covered by the collar. It’s priced to sell at $895 + shipping. Someone is going to kick themselves for passing up this deal.

Another globe that I thought would sell quickly is a scarce one piece Pan Am globe. DSCN1523
Pan Am was a Standard Oil Company (Indiana) affiliate that was based in New Orleans. There are only one or two of this late 1920’s era globe known to exist. This is the globe pictured on the globe CD for $2500.It’s priced to sell at $2050 + shipping.

Check out these and other items I have for sale in the For Sale Gallery.

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