It’s An Illinois Thing 3.0

Last fall I stumbled onto this scarce metal bodied Illinois Farm Supply Aladdin Service globe. I met the owner at a car show and we got to talking about signs and globes. The owner threw out a take it or leave it price for the globe. It didn’t take me long to decide to buy it. This is the only known example of this globe which dates from the 1930’s.

This 3 piece glass Marvel globe is from the Chicago based W.H. Barber Company. W.H. Barber marketed under the Fyre Drop and Me-tee-or brand names. There are only a few of these Marvel globes in known collections. I’d like to hear from anyone that has any MeTeeOr globes for sale.
boty16 1

An old friend offered me these NPC Red Anti-Knock lenses. National Petroleum Company was based in Chicago. These lenses are extremely rare with only a couple globes known. There is a NPC Regular Gas version I’d like to add to my collection.
boty16 7

I’m fortunate to have been able to add these three incredibly rare Illinois globes to my collection. I had a chance to score another hard to find Illinois globe in an auction, but that one got away. It was an M&M Premium Regular that would have been the mate to the M&M Super Ethyl that I posted in a previous blog entry.

That’s all for now. Please contact me if you have any globes you’d like to sell.

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