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Updated the Advertising Globes Gallery

I added an image of an unusual Travelers Aid globe to the Advertising Globes Gallery.
This one is 12 1/2″ glass. Most are CAPCO, and a few are 1pc glass.

Gas Pump Globe Gallery Updated

Added 17 globe images to the Gas Pump Globe Gallery. The new images are intermixed with the previous images. Some day I’ll get around to organizing the images by company.

Sign Gallery updated

Added 10 sign images the the Sign Gallery.


A friend is looking to purchase a Cavalier gas pump globe. Doesn’t matter if it’s advertising Regular, High Test, Diesel…..
Here’s a picture for reference.dsc05043
Contact me if you have one for sale and I’ll pass the info along.

For Sale Gallery Updated

I posted several nice globes in the For Sale Gallery.


Check out the For Sale Gallery
I’ve updated (REDUCED) prices on some great items.

This vintage soap box derby type car would make a great static display or even yard art for anyone that’s into vintage cars or racing. DSCN0828

The 1pc Pan Am globe hasn’t sold so the price has been reduced to $1800. That’s a bargain hunter’s dream price for a 1 pc gas pump globe. That’s $700 below the value listed on the Gas Pump Globe Guide CD! paf

BIG price drop on the Dance Golden Power Pack globe. Was $10,000 (value stated on Globe Guide CD). NOW $9450!!!!!! I’m open to partial trades on this one. The right combination of $$$ and interesting metal body globes, ripple bodies, or other picture globes could seal the deal. df

Gas Pump Globe Gallery updated

I added a couple globe images to the Gas Pump Globe Gallery.

Globe Gallery updated

Several globe images have been added to the Gas Pump Globe Gallery

Odd size Capcolite globe body

Several years ago I bought a globe on ebay that had gill lenses mounted in a modified yellow capco body. It’s a fairly common practice to cut the alignment tabs out of a repro capco body and sand the mating surfaces of the body so the body will 13 1/4″ unnotched Gill lenses.
I put the lenses on a different body. It turns out the yello body was an original with the alignment tabs cut out. I attempted to mount some 13 1/2″ lenses in the yellow body. They were too big. Then it hit me….the mating surfaces had not been sanded down. This body was made to hold 13 1/4″ notched lenses!

We had a discussion about this on the Shop Talk forum on Globe gurus Lonnie Hop and Scott Benjamin shed a little light on the subject. Lonnie has had several 13 1/4″ Capcolite bodies. His were the old style (male/female) marked Capcolite, and were made of the rigid plastic that was used in the old style Capcolite bodies. Scott posted that Sunray used some notched lenses that fit in the 13 1/4″ bodies.

My 13 1/4″ body was packed away until recently. As it turns it’s marked “Capcolite” like the old style bodies but each half is the same like the newer “Capcolite 216” style bodies. Unlike the ones Lonnie has, this one is made of the more flexible material.

You can see it’s marked “Capcolite”…..
odd capcolite markings
But it’s the newer style……
odd capcolite

Now I need to find a pair of 13 1/4″ lenses that would look good on a yellow body!

Updated Galleries

I added a few images to the Misc Petroliana Gallery and the Gas Pump Globe Gallery and several in the Classic Sign Gallery.