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Time Flies!

Here it is mid September and I’m wondering where the summer went. I’ve been so busy with work and family commitments that I haven’t had time to update the site. I did find time to add some nice items to my collection. Next month I’ll be taking delivery of several signs. I’m pretty excited about that as some of them are very hard to find. I’ll post pictures and talk about a few of the more interesting ones in a future blog post. I’ve also added a few more globes from Illinois based companies that I’ll talk about in an upcoming blog post. I got a lead on a great metal bodied globe from an Illinois based company today which I hope to add to my collection, and I’m going to pick up a pair of lenses from an old friend next month. There should be plenty for me to talk about so stay tuned!

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Sinclair Quarts

Ive added images of 54 Sinclair quarts in the Petroliana Cans Gallery I’ll add information about when those cans were used at a later date. As time permits I’ll be adding more images of Sinclair cans and collectibles of all types. Stay tuned!

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Images added to the Globe Galleries

I’ve added some images to the Advertising Globe Gallery and the Gas Pump Globe Gallery.
Take a look!

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It’s An Illinois Thing

Many globe collectors collect globes from their home state. I happen to be from Illinois which wasn’t exactly a hotbed for the oil industry, but there were some Illinois based companies that used very attractive globes.

Illinois Oil Company from Rock Island, IL used some globes that pictured the outline of the state. Any globe from this company would be considered rare. This metal body globe dates from the 1930’s.

Next up we have a few globes from Martin Oil Company of Carbondale.
This glass body Kerosene globe would have been used in the 1940’s and 1950’s.
These unusual Martin globes would have been used in the 1950’s and 60’s. The Premium Ethyl globe has six colors, red, white, blue, black, yellow and grey. That’s very unusual as the majority of globes only have three colors.

Once part of Martin Oil Company, Martin Oil Service from Alsip and Blue Island used these globes in the 1960’s.

Growmark (FS) is headquartered in Bloomington.
The Illinois Farm Supply globe was used in the early 1950’s.
The very plain FS globe was used from the mid 50’s through the 70’s.

Stephen was based in Morris.
This globe likely dates from the 1940’s.

Hicksatomic was located in Roberts.
This oval CAPCO body globe was used in the 1960’s and 70’s. It’s the most common globe in this blog entry.
If anyone knows where I can find the round Hicksatomic globes with red and orange lettering on a light blue background I’d like to hear from you!

Vaught’s was a very small operation from Flora.
These globes are from the 1940’s. I like the slogan on the kerosene globe “Hotter Than Blue Blazes”. These two globes are the rarest in this blog entry.

Owens was based in Bloomington.
This Oco-Pep globe has an original red CAPCO body and would have been used in the 1950’s into the 60’s.
I’d like to add an Oco-Pep Ethyl globe to my collection. Anyone know where I can find one?

I believe Mileage Mart was based in north central Illinois. These lenses would have originally been used on white, yellow, red, or orange CAPCO bodies. It’s shown here on a red ripple glass body. Mileage Mart globes date from the 1950’s and 60’s.

I got most of my Illinois globes from auctions, swap meets or other collectors right here in the Land of Lincoln. A few came from collections as far away as Tennessee. Most of the globes pictured were used by small regional discount operations. Henderson & Benjamin’s Gas Pump Globes reference CD was indispensable in dating some of these globes.

I’m always looking to add more globes to my collection. Contact me if you’re looking to sell.

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Images Added to the Globe Galleries

I added several images to the Gas Pump Globe Gallery, and one image to the Advertising Globe Gallery.

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Images added to the Gas Pump Globe Gallery

I added six more globe images to the Gas Pump Globe Gallery. Enjoy!

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Auctions, Shows and Building a Network

Here we are nearly a quarter of the way through 2015 already. It seems like the older I get, the faster time goes by. Money and time to dedicate to my hobby are tough to come by these days, so every now and then I pause to look back and see if I’m utilizing those commodities wisely. So far I’ve attended two collector auctions, two petroliana swap meets and a general advertising show in 2015. One of the shows and one auction weren’t all that productive in terms of adding significant items to my collection, but they were worthwhile in terms of networking with collectors and dealers in the hobby. It’s important to keep in touch with others in the hobby to let them know you’re active in the hobby and what you’re looking for. Plus attending the shows and auctions affords the opportunity to see old friends and make new ones.

Looking back at what I’ve added to my collection so far this year I see a good mix of purchases made at auctions, swap meets and from friends in the hobby.

This week’s major purchases came from an old friend and can be seen in the Gas Pump Globe Gallery

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Images added to the Miscellaneous Petroliana Gallery

I added a couple of images to the Miscellaneous Petroliana Gallery.
Check ’em out!

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Oil Can Lights…..Talk about hard to find!

There are many sub-categories of petroliana collectibles.

I’ve managed to find one of the more obscure categories to collect……Oil can lights.

They consist of a thin plastic cylinder that’s painted to look like an oil can. Most are “motion lights” where the heat from the bulb rises through louvers in the top causing the outer cylinder to spin. Collecting these lights has been a challenge. It’s not that they are terribly expensive. They’re just difficult to find. I doubt that many survived because they are so fragile.
My wife bought this Mobiloil motion light at an auction over twenty years ago.

Mobiloil motion light

This Sinclair light is the only stationary oil can light I have. This light uses paint can lids for the top and bottom.

Stationary oil can light. Circa 1950's

Stationary oil can light. Circa 1950’s

This Kendall Superb motion light is a recent acquisition and among my favorites.

Early 1950's motion light

Early 1950’s motion light

I’ve searched auction listings, and swap meets for over 20 years and I’ve only managed to collect six oil can lights!

You can see them in the Miscellaneous Petroliana Gallery. There are others out there somewhere. I know Conoco had one or two that looked like their oil cans from the 50’s. I suspect there’s a motion light version of my stationary Sinclair light, and Pennzoil used both stationary and motion lights. There are stationary and motion oil filter lights as well. I don’t have any of those…..yet.

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Rest In Peace Rex

Long time collector and friend to many in the hobby, Rex Benson passed away Saturday evening. Rex had sold his collection and left the hobby several years ago, but remained dear to many of us in the hobby.

Rex had been a professional football player, successful business man, and heart transplant recipient. He faced everything life threw at him the same….with Faith, confidence and determination, and of course with his soul mate Nita by his side.

Rex Benson

Rex Benson

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